"Keagan Anfuso is a visionary film and video director.  Keagan’s content has covered a wide range of local examinations to include up and coming artists, public figures, and the quirky, romantic indie music scene. Her affinity for human stories and social issues has led her to an impactful presence amongst non-profit organizations and the artist community of Jacksonville. Her work can best be described as stark explorations of alternative and emerging queer culture. " - Stephen Dare / MetroJacksonville.com
"Keagan is a talented, unique, hard working and original filmmaker with a vision for aesthetics and a flare for story telling. Whether it’s a music video, commercial, live event or documentary, Keagan gives her projects her all and goes to great lengths to make sure that the outcome is nothing less than excellent.  She brings her sense of critical thinking to all she does whether it’s editing, filming or directing and does not try to take short cuts but makes the artistic vision come to life in front of our very eyes. She is an excellent leader encouraging her cast and crew to give their very best while still being themselves authentically. She cares deeply about the quality of what she is working on and moves mountains to make things possible.   Keagan has overcome a lot to be the artist she is today and is headed for a incredible career in film and the arts."  - Nadia Ramoutar, Ph.d. /  Director, Film Professor, Writer

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